Individual and Corporate Tax Preparation

Get your tax requirements taken care of at your convenience. Turn to Common Cent$ Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation virtually (all US States and territories) - headquarters located in the Denver Metropolitan area

My services include:

  • Individual Income Tax Returns - Form 1040

  • Amended Income Tax Returns - Form 1040X

  • Previous Individual Tax Returns - Form 1040

  • Business Income Tax Returns:

    • C Corporation - 1120

    • SubChapter S - 1120S

    • Partnership - Form 1065

    • Amended Business Tax Returns

  • Previous Business Tax Returns 

  • Payroll and Payroll Tax Reports

  • Sales Tax Reports

  • Review all past tax returns for errors and file the appropriate amended returns

  • Form 4868 - Individual Tax Return Extension

  • Form 7004 - Business Tax Return Extension

Income Tax Forms
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